New PSL star Graham says, “Don’t let fame make your head big.”

| Margo Fortune
Photo courtesy of Travis Graham.

Travis Graham, who is just 19, played his first PSL match last week Wednesday for Ajax Cape Town.

GroundUp: What position do you play?

Graham: Midfield

GroundUp: Which teams have you played for?

Graham: I played for Devonshire Rovers between the ages of 4 and 9-years-old, and then played at Ajax Cape Town since U/11 to the PSL team.

GroundUp: How did you get involved in soccer?

Graham: My dad introduced me to soccer at a young age (4) because it was a family tradition. He also saw that I had a talent to play soccer and he wanted to give me the opportunity to make it big that he never had in his time. I’m very thankful for his support throughout my life.

GroundUp: How was the tournament you played in Amsterdam?

Graham: The tournaments in Amsterdam were very successful. We were finalists in the Groningen Tournament and ended 4th in the Copa Tournament. Both tournaments were very competitive, but I think we stepped up to the plate and showed that we South Africans can also compete at their level. The tournaments also helped me a lot tactically and physically, which made me much more experienced, but I’m still young and there’s many more things to learn.

GroundUp: Who is your role model?

Graham: Xavier “Xavi” Hernández (Barcelona Midfielder)

GroundUp: What is your favourite pre-game meal?

Graham: Chicken pasta

GroundUp: How was it playing your first season match on Wednesday?

Graham: It was the most unbelievable feeling I will never forget. It was always a dream for me to play for the PSL team, and when I stood in the tunnel, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. People were saying that I would be nervous at the start, but to be honest, I was feeling quite comfortable and confident. I enjoyed playing that match, even though we lost. It was a good start and a good experience for me.

GroundUp: What message do you have for young people?

Graham: There are many messages I could say, but one of the important things is don’t let fame make your head big. One should always listen to the advice people give you. Stay humble and success will come your way.

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