Articles about Zimbabwean Special Permits and Zimbabwe Exemption Permits

Constitutional Court refuses Home Affairs leave to appeal Zimbabwe permit decision

In June 2023 the Pretoria High Court ruled that the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit was unlawfully terminated


Brief | 19 June 2024

Zimbabweans complain of Home Affairs incompetence

Numerous waiver letters contain incorrect information


News | 4 April 2024

Zimbabwean permits: Helen Suzman Foundation takes on Minister in Constitutional Court

Foundation opposes bid by Aaron Motsoaledi to overturn High Court ruling


Law | 18 March 2024

Home Affairs minister takes Zimbabwean permit battle to the Constitutional Court

The High Court ruled against the minister and he failed in his appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal


Law | 6 March 2024

SCA dismisses bid to appeal Zim permits ruling

Minister Motsoaledi wanted leave to appeal a ruling that declared the termination of the Zimbabwean permit programme unlawful, unconstitutional and invalid


Law | 23 February 2024

Two-year extension for Zimbabwe and Lesotho permit holders

New permits to be issued to the approximately 233,000 existing permit holders


Brief | 1 December 2023

Zimbabwe permit application dismissed: no need for it, say judges

Permit holders protected until at least June 2024


Law | 7 November 2023

Helen Suzman Foundation goes to court to “avert human catastrophe”

The organisation wants an execution order that will protect Zimbabwean Exemption Permit holders


Law | 27 October 2023

Motsoaledi to apply for leave to appeal ZEP rulings

Over 178,000 Zimbabweans in South Africa have the special permit allowing them to live and work in the country


Law | 30 June 2023

Termination of Zimbabwean Exemption Permit declared unlawful, unconstitutional and invalid

Full bench of Pretoria High Court directs Home Affairs minister to conduct a fair process in reconsidering the end of the permits


Law | 28 June 2023

Home Affairs extends validity of Zimbabwean permits by another six months

Zimbabwean Exemption Permits will now expire in December


News | 8 June 2023

Judgment reserved in case to decide future of Zimbabweans in South Africa

State asks for ZEPHA’s case to be dismissed with costs


Law | 14 April 2023

Zimbabwean Exemption Permit: Minister acted outside his powers, court told

“We are sleepwalking into a catastrophe”, says lawyer for Zimbabwe Immigrants Forum


Law | 13 April 2023

ZEP: no rights were taken away, Home Affairs’ lawyers tell court

“Government is free to change the policy”


Law | 12 April 2023

Helen Suzman Foundation slams Home Affairs’ decision to terminate ZEP system

The Foundation is among several groups in court challenging the decision by Minister Aaron Motsoaledi


Law | 11 April 2023

I left Zimbabwe to live in South Africa. I want to go back. This is why it’s hard.

I have supported my family by working legally in South Africa


Opinion | 27 March 2023