Late judgments

Muddle over Cape High Court’s late judgments

Judge President Hlophe fails to explain why numbers don’t match


News | 27 January 2020

A delayed court ruling is blocking a man’s right to justice

Judge Siraj Desai still to provide written reasons for a case filed in March 2016, despite multiple requests


Law | 11 September 2019

Backlog at Western Cape High Court has improved

Late judgments down from 13 in February to four in August


Law | 29 August 2019

Three judges reported to Judicial Service Commission

Judges Anton van Zyl, Siraj Desai, and Jacqueline Henriques nailed for late judgments


Law | 23 April 2019

Chief Justice’s office fails to provide list of late judgments

GroundUp’s PAIA request to judiciary has been ignored


Law | 2 April 2019

Case not closed: Cape High Court backlog showing no signs of improving

Thirteen judgments are over six months late, twice the amount of time set out in the judicial norms


Law | 25 February 2019

Slight improvement in backlog at Western Cape High Court

But 16 judgments have been outstanding for at least six months


Law | 13 December 2018

Cape High Court backlog keeps getting worse

Seventeen judgments have been reserved for more than six months


News | 3 September 2018

Judge Hlophe fails to explain why judgments are extremely late

Sixteen judgments at the Cape High Court have been outstanding for more than half-a-year. Six have been outstanding since 2016.


News | 29 June 2018

Cape Town’s sluggish judges

One judge has six judgments outstanding for more than a year


Law | 7 December 2017