Grootkraal eviction

Education department blames Grootkraal community for delays

Supreme Court of Appeal to hear case on community’s right to land in Oudtshoorn


News | 3 April 2018

Western Cape education MEC reprimanded by judge

Court wants to know why no plan has been made for school facing eviction


Law | 19 October 2017

Judge reprimands MEC for haphazard school eviction

Court delays Grootkraal eviction


Law | 1 August 2017

No respect for learners in farm schools

Fate of historic Grootkraal school hangs in the balance


Opinion | 4 May 2017

Judge to visit Grootkraal school before reaching verdict

Decision in eviction case not expected for some time


Law | 13 April 2017

Court asked to tell government to consider expropriating land near Cango Caves

Battle over future of Grootkraal community enters second day


Law | 12 April 2017

Judge accuses education MEC of disrespecting learners’ rights

Oudtshoorn community in court to try to stop eviction


Law | 11 April 2017