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Can I vote in the general elections if I do not have an ID?

The short answer

Yes, but you will need a Temporary Identity Certificate from Home Affairs

The long answer

The Electoral Commission says that if you are still waiting for your new ID book from Home Affairs, you can apply for a Temporary Identity Certificate from Home Affairs, which will be valid on Election Day

They say that you can’t vote with a Temporary Registration Certificate, only a Temporary Identity Certificate.

Also, you will only be able to vote if you are a registered voter. They say you can check your voter registration status online to confirm that your name appears on the voters' roll. If your name is not on the voter’s roll and you don’t have your registration sticker, you have no proof that you have registered and you won’t be able to vote.

Lastly, you can only register for a specific election up to 5pm on the day the President announces the date of the election, which was on the 20 February 2024. After that the Voter’s Roll for the election closes.

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Answered on May 3, 2024, 11:18 a.m.

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