A new vaccine is being tested in Cape Town: Here’s why it’s different

Scientists hope SARS-CoV-2 will be less likely to evade it


Science | 18 February 2021

Why some scientists think the AstraZeneca vaccine is still useful for South Africa

While the results are disappointing against the local variant of the Covid-19 virus, there are reasons to think the vaccine may reduce deaths


Science | 14 February 2021

Covid-19: Remarkable results from blood donor survey

For the four provinces analysed, over half the population has likely had a SARS-CoV-2 infection

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Science | 13 February 2021

Ivermectin and Covid-19: what we still don’t know

At the moment there isn’t enough evidence to justify using the drug for the treatment or prevention of SARS-CoV-2

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Science | 10 February 2021

Nearly all excess deaths are due to Covid-19

Lockdown restrictions are not responsible for massive increase in mortality


Science | 1 February 2021

Excess deaths decline for first time since November

Mortality still near record high but it looks like we are turning the corner


Science | 27 January 2021

Can you be reinfected with the new Covid-19 variant? And how effective will vaccines be against it?

We don’t know the answers yet, but a local study sheds some light


Science | 25 January 2021

Covid-19: Has the alcohol ban helped?

A study at Groote Schuur Hospital suggests it has freed up much-needed beds


Science | 19 January 2021

Will vaccines eradicate SARS-CoV-2?

Scientists predict the virus will be with us for the long-run - but as just another common cold


Science | 18 January 2021

Ivermectin and Covid-19: Why it’s promising but why we need to be cautious

While several studies have shown promising results there is not yet enough data for regulatory authorities to approve ivermectin


Science | 15 January 2021

Covid-19: Cell phone study shows where infections take place

“Stop pussyfooting around funerals” says infectious disease professor


Science | 14 January 2021

Record number of South Africans died in first week of 2021

11,000 of the nearly 20,000 deaths are considered excess deaths. The vast majority are likely due to Covid-19

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Science | 13 January 2021

Covid-19: Blood tests to be conducted on 19,000 people in nine provinces

HSRC releases details of nationwide survey


Science | 9 December 2020

New surveys may shed light on SA’s Covid epidemic

But have we tested too few people, too late?


Science | 4 December 2020

Covid-19: Excess deaths for second week running

But the current surge is not nearly as bad as July


Science | 29 October 2020

Covid-19: After weeks of calm, excess deaths are increasing

Latest Medical Research Council mortality report shows clear spike


Science | 22 October 2020