Articles for Sandiso Phaliso

Former PRASA board members should be declared delinquent, says SCOPA chair

Irregular and possibly corrupt security contracts led to the widespread destruction of South Africa’s rail network


News | 26 March 2024

Railway line occupiers complain to Parliamentarians about lack of water

SCOPA hears of the substantial obstacles blocking the reopening of Cape Town’s Central Line


News | 21 March 2024

Dogs and their owners out in force to raise money for Khayelitsha clinic

Sea Point walk raises R45,000 for Mdzananda Animal Clinic


Brief | 18 March 2024

Library vandalism hits learners hard in Philippi

Brown’s Farm library may be closed for a year


Brief | 14 March 2024

Thousands of people still living on Cape Town’s Central Line

This is in addition to the hundreds of families in shacks who were relocated from the railway line in Philippi in December


News | 14 March 2024

Cape Town protection money syndicates kill people, kill livelihoods

A salon owner was shot dead on Wednesday apparently for refusing to pay protection money


News | 7 March 2024

Cape Town Pride celebrates equality in South Africa, condemns Ghana’s new anti-gay law

“I am a proudly gay man,” city councillor Rob Quintas tells crowd


Brief | 4 March 2024

PRASA relocation of railway line occupiers was illegal, claims City of Cape Town

Parliament hears that City issued a contravention notice to rail agency, despite being part of relocation discussions


News | 28 February 2024

Relocated railway line occupiers protest for water, electricity, and toilets

The families were moved in December to land owned by PRASA but the City of Cape Town is tasked with giving them basic services


Brief | 23 February 2024

Shack dwellers hope for subsidised solar power

The City of Cape Town is considering partnering with alternative energy providers for informal settlements


News | 21 February 2024

Relocation of more than 880 families from Cape Town central railway line completed

PRASA says it can now recover infrastructure and restore train services


Brief | 16 February 2024

Cape Town commuters stranded again as cable theft brings trains to a halt

Metrorail must prioritise security, say commuters


Brief | 7 February 2024

Worker who earns R3,500 per month spends R1,200 on transport

Metrorail’s return to service remains extremely limited


Brief | 1 February 2024

Garbage piling up in Cape Town townships as extortion gangs drive out City contractors

In some areas of Phillipi East rubbish has not been collected for nine months


Brief | 31 January 2024

Case of lawyer accused of race attack postponed

Gary Trappler is accused of slashing the tyres of Green Point resident Thandi Mgwaba’s hired car on 19 February 2020.


Brief | 25 January 2024

City flooded with more than 900 comments over relocation of railway occupiers

Once the rail agency responds to these comments, a report will be sent to the Municipal Planning Tribunal for a final decision


News | 25 January 2024