Articles for Ohene Yaw Ampofo-Anti

20 years later, Eastern Cape community wins right to its land

Supreme Court of Appeal upholds landmark decision


Law | 10 June 2020

Covid-19 relief can be aligned to BEE, court rules

Afriforum and Solidarity will appeal to the Constitutional Court


Law | 11 May 2020

Corrupt official’s house can be forfeited, Constitutional Court rules

Property acquired through crime is not protected by the Constitution


Law | 5 May 2020

Amendments to City of Cape Town by-law: are they constitutional?

Proposed amendments would allow officials to conduct search and seizure without a warrant


Analysis | 30 April 2020

Communities clash over future of Fish River Sun land

AmaZizi and Prudhoe communities dispute colonial and apartheid history


Law | 2 April 2020

Who can unions admit as members?

NUMSA wished to represent workers in a company in the packaging industry, but the Constitutional Court said it can’t


Law | 31 March 2020

If your conviction for a crime is overturned, do you get your job back?

A Constitutional Court judgment answers this – at least in the case of SANDF employees


Law | 24 March 2020

Constitutional Court to rule on compensation for domestic workers

Court asked to declare legislation excluding domestic workers from Compensation Fund unconstitutional


Law | 9 March 2020

Black women married under apartheid act win court victory

Judge rules that Black Administration Act marriages are, by default, in communion of property


Law | 14 February 2020

Here’s how the common purpose rule now applies to gang rape

“The court must not be implicated in perpetuating patriarchy and rape culture”


Law | 17 December 2019

Court victory for transgender prisoners

Judge rules that Jade September must be allowed to live as a woman


Law | 30 September 2019

Constitutional Court to rule on “common purpose” in rape cases

Can an accused be convicted of rape for being part of a group with a common intent to rape?


Law | 26 September 2019

Equality Court prohibits display of old South African flag

Old flag should only be displayed for “genuine artistic, academic or journalistic expression in the public interest”


Law | 22 August 2019

Court upholds right of farm residents to bury their loved ones

SCA rules protecting an occupier’s religious and cultural rights is consistent with treating them with respect and dignity


Law | 21 August 2019

Constitutional Court rules that interim divorce orders may not be appealed

But the door has been left open for future litigation on interim orders


Law | 20 August 2019

Concourt judgment will help keep families together

Foreign nationals with South African or permanent resident spouses do not have to leave the country to apply for spousal visas


Law | 8 August 2019