Articles for John Yeld

Prospect of mining on Olifants River estuary alarms fishermen

Government grants prospecting rights to controversial Australian company


News | 28 May 2018

UCT scientists convince City to drill cautiously into aquifer

Environmental group will monitor borehole drilling into Table Mountain Group Aquifer


News | 19 March 2018

Here is the status of Cape Town’s water supply projects

City promises to engage with UCT scientists over concerns about drilling into the Table Mountain Group aquifer


News | 2 March 2018

Cape Town is paying for national government failures, say officials

Ian Neilson warns that Day Zero is still possible: water consumption needs to drop to 450 million litres daily


News | 1 March 2018

Setback for giant West Coast mine project

But Australian company has already begun clearing vegetation without permission


News | 9 January 2018

Controversial Australian company applies for extension to mining rights

New mining area would include ten beaches on the West Coast


News | 8 May 2017

Warrant for search-and-seizure at West Coast mine ruled invalid

But Judge says environmental charges against the mining company “cannot be said to lack substance”


Law | 20 March 2017

Cape court to deliver vital environmental judgment

Will an Australian mine on the West Coast be held to account for allegedly causing a cliff to collapse?


Law | 20 March 2017

Will mining company be held accountable for damage to West Coast?

Here is what the judge in the Tormin case has to consider


Analysis | 26 February 2017

Environment officials searched mine with unlawful warrant, argues mine lawyer

Search was conducted after controversial Australian-owned West Coast mine, Tormin, allegedly caused a cliff to collapse


Law | 23 February 2017

Tormin made false claims, court hears

“Independent” consultant was in fact an employee


Law | 22 February 2017

Mining company tells court there’s no evidence it caused cliff to collapse

Environmental authority was “gunning for it”, claims Tormin


Law | 21 February 2017

Critical court showdown on mining and environment

Tormin case will decide if government’s environmental watchdog still has power when it comes to mining


Law | 19 February 2017