Articles for Safura Abdool Karim

A South African shame: children in prisons

Youths held in adult prison for 200 days without access to visitors


Law | 12 September 2016

Why the Hawks don’t have a case against Gordhan

An explanation of the law


Law | 25 August 2016

Who inherits your partner’s estate if you’re not married?

Constitutional Court will soon give us an answer


Law | 23 August 2016

Constitutional Court scathing about arrest and detention of child

"Even when they are in conflict with the law, we should not permit the hand of the law to fall hard on them like a sledgehammer lest we destroy them."


Law | 18 August 2016

When can the police search your home?

The Constitutional Court has given us the answer


Law | 12 August 2016

Parliament must pass new land claims act within two years

Constitutional Court ruling opens the way for future claims


News | 1 August 2016