Articles for Safura Abdool Karim

Children of immigrants born in SA can now get citizenship

High Court finds Department of Home Affairs refusal of citizenship to six people unconstitutional


Law | 8 September 2017

Facts and myths about the Marikana judgment

No, it doesn’t mean we can build shacks in Sea Point and force the City to buy the land for us


Law | 5 September 2017

Should the state pay damages if a police officer hurts his partner?

The High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal reached different decisions. Now the Constitutional Court must decide.


Law | 23 August 2017

Residents compel Limpopo municipality to provide clean water

But it remains to be seen if the Sekhukhune District Municipality will stick to court settlement


Law | 18 August 2017

Black Sash appeals social grants deduction case

Organisation argues that High Court failed to recognise history of predatory practices


Law | 4 August 2017

Parliamentarian tries to curb abortion

Terminating a pregnancy after 12 weeks will be much harder if bill passes


Law | 1 August 2017

Digital TV for poor households: understanding the Concourt’s judgments

Set top boxes case split the highest court three ways


Law | 31 July 2017

Companies using labour brokers to evade workers’ rights

Labour Relations Act unlawfully circumvented by middlemen despite judgment


Law | 29 July 2017

Asylum seekers entitled to UIF

Court orders Department of Labour to pay out


Law | 18 July 2017

Court victory for workers hired via labour brokers

Client company is considered employer if worker has been at company more than three months


Law | 17 July 2017

Big victory for immigrant rights in Constitutional Court

Home Affairs must bring all detainees held under the Immigration Act before a magistrate within 48 hours


Law | 29 June 2017

Understanding the OGOD judgment

The role of religion in public schools is not settled quite yet


Law | 29 June 2017

Court ruling protects people from homelessness

Judgment clarifies what must happen in eviction hearings


Law | 12 June 2017

Entire village issued with court interdict following mining company’s application

For more than half-a-year the entire Ngwaabe Village was banned from protesting


Law | 11 May 2017

Activists go to court to overturn Tafelberg sale

Campaigners want Sea Point property to be used for affordable housing

By and

Law | 8 May 2017

Helping someone to die: what the law currently says

Campaigners for assisted dying still have some way to go to achieve their goal


Law | 4 May 2017