“Soccer is the only reason I am where I am today”

| Margo Fortune
Photo courtesy of Shane Petersen.

Nineteen-year-old Shane Petersen talks about growing up in a community surrounded by drugs and how soccer gave him a chance.

GroundUp: What position do you play?

Shane: Striker/right wing.

GroundUp: What teams have you played for?

Shane: Nash Soccer Academy, Western Cape Sport School, Supersport United, Western Province United, Milano United and currently Glendene United.

GroundUp: Where did you grow up?

Shane: I grew up in Ocean View. [Ocean View is a poor working class area in the south of the city. - Editor] I got involved in soccer at the age of 12. There was a man in the community that opened a local academy and I joined him.

GroundUp: What challenges have you faced in your soccer career?

Shane: I faced a lot of challenges in my soccer career because there was a lot of drug abuse and gangsters in my community. Soccer was the only reason I am where I am today because it keeps me busy and I have the passion and desire for it. Soccer also encourages me to make it big so that one day I can give back to my community.

GroundUp: Who is your role model?

Shane: Dimitar Berbatov.

GroundUp: If you could play for any Europe team which one would it be?

Shane: Of course it would be Manchester United. I have been supporting them since a young age. That team would be any youngster’s dream.

GroundUp: What message do you have for the youth out there?

Shane: That you should never give up even if all the odds are against you. Fight for something you love and have a passion for. Failures in your career will lead to success one day. Never stop trying and always give your best. Only your best will determine your future.

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