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“I am not a woman abuser. I just have a short temper!”

Cynthia is beaten up frequently by her husband. She is 34 and has been married for eight years. She lives in Khayelitsha with her husband.

Mary-Jane Matsolo


Gangs, a brotherhood-in-arms

Youth gangs have become a normal occurrence in Khayelitsha.

Mary-Anne Gontsana

Stock wanted

During my lunch break on 26 February 2013, I walked past a worker, resting in his wheelbarrow with a bottle of Coca Cola in his hand, beneath a sign that reads, \xe2\x80\x9cStock wanted\xe2\x80\x9d.

Gregory Solik

New police leader in Delft gives community hope

Police and community members are discussing measures to curb violence in Rosendal Delft.

Janine Fortuin

How to organise support for mental health in places where there is none

For many South Africans living in rural communities and urban townships, counselling and support for mental illness and distress is unavailable. Information and resources on mental health, including depression, anxiety and suicidal tendency, is difficult to access.

Fergus Turner

Activists demand direct elections of Members of Parliament

Should citizens be able to choose their MPs? This is the question that was posed by the “My vote counts” campaign yesterday evening at the Central Methodist Church in Greenmarket Square.

Nokubonga Yawa


So you want a gun?

Do you want to buy a firearm for protection? Many people do because of the high rate of violent crime in South Africa. But is it sensible? Will a gun make you more secure or will it put you and your loved ones in greater danger?

Nathan Geffen

Constitutionally speaking about the 2014 election

The 2014 election campaign has clearly begun and promises to be long and almost certainly very bitter. Labour relations \xe2\x80\x94 and relations with labour \xe2\x80\x94 are likely to be in the forefront, with Cosatu, as a member of the governing tripartite allliance, in the thick of it.

Terry Bell


Khayelitsha kid living his dream in Belgium

Twenty-year-old Ayanda Patosi from Khayelitsha is playing left and right wing for Sporting Lokoren in Belgium.

Margo Fortune

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