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The other Marikana

About 90 people are still living under a tent almost two months after their shacks were demolished by the City of Cape Town\xe2\x80\x99s Anti-Land Invasion Unit, on Symphony Way in Philippi East.

Mary-Anne Gontsana


Equal Education vs Motshekga gets nasty

The struggle between Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, and activist organisation Equal Education, is getting nasty. The Department has accused EE of using whites to mislead black people and EE has accused the Department of racism. EE held Youth Day marches on Monday 17 June in Cape Town and Pretoria. The marches were part of EE\xe2\x80\x99s campaign to get Minister Motshekga to publish a policy on minimum norms and standards for school infrastructure.

Thandile Majivolo

Radio show gives awards to young people on 16 June

Children\xe2\x80\x99s Radio Foundation (CRF) held, what it says is the first youth radio award in Cape Town on 16 June.

Pharie Sefali

Immigrant businessman launches a gospel album

29 year old Prince Ikenna, a native of Nigeria who set up a successful salon and cosmetics business in South Africa in 2010, launched a new gospel album, “In his presence”, at Salt River Community Hall on 16 June 2013.

Tariro Washinyira


Climate change denier cherry-pickers

Few other fields of science come under such heavy public scrutiny as climate science. Climate change deniers pick data to fit their agendas, ignoring what the science is telling us.

Kerry Gordon


Maverick and the Dockrats: Where is the al-Qaeda link?

One month ago the Daily Maverick published an article by De Wet Potgieter headlined “Al Qaeda is alive and well in South Africa.” A second part was promised, but has still not been published.

Yael Even Or and Camila Osorio

Editor's note: Yesterday, the Daily Maverick apologised for the Dockrats article and withdrew it. As explained in our article, the Maverick editor told our journalists that he would respond to the Dockrats article this week. The apology and retraction are therefore not a result of our article, much as we'd like to take credit for it.

The Opaque Prism Part One: Some Internet users aren't American

Edward Snowden's revelations published in the Washington Post and Guardian about the United States Government's PRISM programme raise many questions and few answers.

Nathan Geffen

The Opaque Prism Part Two: What's wrong with PRISM?

So what if the US government monitors your telephone usage, collects your emails and downloads your online documents? If you've got nothing to hide then what's there to be afraid of? Actually, a lot.

Nathan Geffen

The Opaque Prism Part Three: How can we make our online lives more secure?

What can we do to make our data more secure?

Nathan Geffen

Transformation by quota is barking mad

Jack Lewis argues that government's transformation plan is based on identity politics and is misguided. He asks people on the political left to speak out against it.

Jack Lewis

Declaration of economic war in South Africa

For all the sound and fury of the current fight between poultry producers and meat importers, their dispute may turn out to be only a minor skirmish in what promises to be a war of words and protest action aimed at securing the high ground of economic policy. And central to this will be the question of land.

Terry Bell

MyCiTi should not be compared to Golden Arrow: A response to Martin Eichhorn

This is a response by the Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater to an article published on GroundUp by Martin Eichhorn.

Brett Herron

Fransman's inexcusable behaviour

This was originally published as a letter in the Cape Times on 14 June 2013.

Doron Isaacs


Nelson 'Iron' Mandela

Roberto Millan

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Kangaroo mother care

In this episode Siyayinqoba Beat It! visits the Kangaroo Mother Care Unit at Kalafong Hospital in Tshwane and learns how Kangaroo mother care helps to save the lives of premature babies. Kangaroo mother care is a method of care of premature babies. The method involves infants being carried, usually by the mother, with skin-to-skin contact. This method is particularly useful in resource poor settings where there is no access to incubators.

Siyayinqoba Beat It!


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