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Everything you need to know about the minimum wage

GroundUp sat down with Ingrid Woolard, Associate Professor in Economics at UCT and chair of the Employment Conditions Commission to talk about what goes into setting the minimum wage.

Kezia Lilenstein


The South African labour market: All the facts

The South African workforce is composed of all the people who are either working or available to work and are actively seeking work. Not everyone of working age participates in the work force. In South Africa the overall percentage of the working age population that participates in the work force is about 62%.

Issa Saunders

Youth unemployment

In 2012, 511,152 full-time pupils and 81,552 part-time pupils wrote their matric exams. The 73.9% of learners who passed either pursue careers or further their education at tertiary institutions. Whichever path graduates have available to them, most of them hope to fulfil their eventual goal of finding a job that will provide them with a regular and adequate income.

Nokubonga Yawa

“It's tough getting employment in SA”

In this year\xe2\x80\x99s budget speech, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan mentioned that allocations for employment programs would increase by 13.5 per cent a year for the next three years. Unemployment has always been a challenge for South Africans, but it is even harder for immigrants who flee their countries to look for employment here.

Mary-Anne Gontsana

KhayeNet: Khayelitsha's first community network

Launched in October 2012, KhayeNet is the latest project of the first mobile community network that deals with disseminating health related information to the community of Khayelitsha. This pilot project aims to improve communication between the public and the health sector.

Mary-Jane Matsolo

Social Justice Coalition protests community protection from police

On March 11th, the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) staged a protest outside of parliament in Cape Town proposing a new memorandum aimed at improving relations between community members and the police that serve them.

Nokubonga Yawa


South Africa under construction: Give public works a chance

The Expanded Public Works Programme aims to create millions of short-term jobs every year while also providing the county with much needed infrastructure such as roads, hospitals and schools in areas that need it.

Amelia Midgley

Women's day ideals: still a long way to go

It was International Women\xe2\x80\x99s Day (IWD) on Friday. And it seemed an appropriate time for a reminder about the labour movement origins of the day and of its noble aims and egalitarian promise. This because several recent studies reveal that the female half of humanity is once again bearing the brunt of the global economic crisis. After all, when it began in 1910, IWD was rich with the promise of equality.

Terry Bell


Carlton Skippers getting ready for the upcoming Bayhill Tournament

Carlton Skippers is a 19 year old right-back and captain of the Milano team. GroundUp caught up with him to speak about his third and final year in the Bayhill Tournament.

Margo Fortune

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