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Gangsterism out of hand in Khayelitsha

Between Premier Helen Zille calling for the deployment of an army and some Cape Town gangs deciding to end the violence, Khayelitsha is singing a different tune with teenage gangsters taking the violence to a new level.

Zimbabweans work together to repatriate the dead

There is a large Zimbabwean community in Cape Town. When members die, their friends and family usually want them to be buried back home in Zimbabwe.

Foetal alcohol syndrome teenagers learn to read and write

Patricia Poelmann, founder of the Learn to Read project at the Faure School of Skills, explains that a large percentage of the children she helps to read and write have foetal alcohol syndrome.

Rats and rubbish: Somafho Flats in Gugs

Rubbish piles, rats and no electricity. This is the site of Somafho, a block of flats in Gugulethu\xe2\x80\x99s NY 121.

Cape High Court rules closure of refugee centre was unreasonable and irrational

On Wednesday 25 July, Judge Dennis Davis of the Cape High Court ruled in favour of continued access to the Cape Town Refugee Reception Office (CTRRO) for new asylum applicants.

Delft gets a new Maternity Unit

A new Maternity unit has opened its doors at the local Day Hospital in Delft.


Parole furore raises the dialysis conundrum

The controversial medical parole of former top cop, Jackie Selebi, has once again thrown into stark relief questions about kidney disease and treatment, questions that have long disturbed the labour movement.

Helping Khayelitsha's children escape gang violence

The youth of Khayelitsha have been infected with a terrible “disease of gang violence”—as \xe2\x80\x98Big Guy\xe2\x80\x99, a radio presenter from Radio Zibonele called it—that is destroying tomorrow\xe2\x80\x99s leaders. It is not hardened gangsters who are involved but children, some as young as 13.

Message from a gangster

Every finish line is the beginning of a race. I\xe2\x80\x99m on the finish line of my gangster life and at the beginning of whole new life.

My Vote Counts campaign launched

This past Saturday, 28 July, saw the launch of the \xe2\x80\x98My Vote Counts\xe2\x80\x99 campaign. The event took place at the District Six Museum in Cape Town and was attended by more than 40 social activists, all of whom participated in their personal capacities. The occasion was marked by speeches from veteran activist Zackie Achmat, director of Cape Town-based social justice organisation Ndifuna Ukwazi, and well-known cartoonist Jonathan \xe2\x80\x98Zapiro\xe2\x80\x99 Shapiro.


Interview with Zimbabwean Olympian who ran against Usain Bolt

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games opened in London on 27 July 2012. GroundUp interviewed Brian Dzingai who raced against Usain Bolt in the 200 metres at the Beijing Olympics. Dzingai is fom Zimbabwe, but is currently located in Paris.

Playing United was a dream come true for Ajax star

GroundUp interviewed 23 year-old Ajax defender, Aidan Jenniker.


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