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Sunday World and Lottery corruption: time for an inquiry

7 February 2024 | ARTICLE

By GroundUp Editors

...Ramulifho (1 November 2019) - This article describes a corrupt Lottery lawyer’s false defence against a GroundUp article exposing that he bought his house with Lottery money. It makes a false accusati...

SCA refuses to hear appeal by dodgy Lottery lawyer

1 February 2024 | ARTICLE

By GroundUp Staff

...Ramulifho to court to force the LPC to properly consider the complaint. In May 2023 the Gauteng High Court ruled in GroundUp’s favour and ordered the LPC to investigate Ramulifho. Ramulifho then sough...

Dodgy Lottery lawyer loses bid to appeal

27 September 2023 | ARTICLE

By Tania Broughton

...Ramulifho for leave to appeal against a ruling that his conduct be probed by the Legal Practice Council (LPC). Ramulifho has been implicated in looting at the National Lotteries Commission. A complain...

Doctor fails to block SIU from probing his Lottery connection

12 September 2023 | ARTICLE

By Tania Broughton

...Ramulifho are alleged to have received funds from the NLC in 2016 on behalf of Denzhe Primary Care. These funds were purportedly to build a drug rehabilitation centre, and a sports centre in Pretoria....

Lottery looter is living the jet set life

30 August 2023 | ARTICLE

By Grethen de Waal, Ella Morrison and Raymond Joseph

...Ramulifho’s Instagram page, with over 130,000 followers, shows him jet-setting around the world. Here he’s photographed in the Maldives. All images from Ramulifho’s Instagram account (fair use) Dodgy ...

Exposed: The Sunday World’s lucrative partnership with the Lottery

3 August 2023 | ARTICLE

By Raymond Joseph and Anton van Zyl

...Ramulifho had used Lottery funds meant for a drug rehabilitation centre to buy a luxury home, Sunday World leapt to his defence. Describing Ramulifho as a “top legal eagle”, the story by journalist Au...

Dodgy Lottery lawyer trapped by his web of lies

7 June 2023 | ARTICLE

By Raymond Joseph and Anton van Zyl

...Ramulifho. Ramulifho used lottery grant money, meant for a rehab centre, to buy the property and franchises. Ramulifho lodged an application in April to overturn the preservation order. But in his aff...

GroundUp wins court case against the Legal Practice Council

24 May 2023 | ARTICLE

By Tania Broughton

...Ramulifho to pay GroundUp’s costs. GroundUp has won a case against the Legal Practice Council (LPC), with a ruling that it must properly investigate a complaint against attorney Lesley Ramulifho who ...

GroundUp told to remove Lottery article following fake copyright claim

19 May 2023 | ARTICLE

By Raymond Joseph, Anton van Zyl and Nathan Geffen

...Ramulifho and the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) asking why, despite Ramulifho being under investigation for corruption involving sizeable Lottery grants, he continued to supply legal services to...

Strict new measures to combat Lottery corruption

13 February 2023 | ARTICLE

By Raymond Joseph

...Ramulifho, who was behind the hijacking of Denzhe. The NLC used this civil lawsuit, which almost four-and-a-half years later Ramulifho has failed to pursue, as an excuse not to take action to recover ...