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Students at UWC march for #FeesMustFall

PHOTO ESSAY - On 23 October students from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology marched from UWC demanding a drop in university fees. Ashraf Hendricks photographed the event. Luqman Sayed filmed it.

Students gather at the University of Western Cape students centre to listen to rector Tyrone Pretorius.

"The youth of 76 shoot their children."

"My dad is a cop - I want to see him shoot me!"

Rector Pretorius addresses the students.

A student representative says that he does not agree with anything that Rector Pretorius has said.

Students sang and chanted.

Students then began to march from UWC to the airport.

The crowd was massive.

Leaving campus.

A student lies in the street to block traffic as the protesters march down Robert Sobukwe road towards the Cape Town International Airport.

On Robert Sobukwe Road en route to Cape Town International Airport (the march never got to the airport).

A student blocks traffic in Robert Sobukwe road.

Students raise their hands in defiance to riot police in Bishop Lavis. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Since writing this caption, we have been informed that the students did not raise their hands in defiance, but to indicate that they had no aggressive intent.]

Protesters disperse at Bishop Lavis as riot police fire stun grenades.

Riot police disperse student protesters with water canons, stun grenades and teargas at Bishop Lavis.

Water cannon firing.

Students raise their hands.

A Student leader raises his hands as he approaches police to talk at Bishop Lavis. The student leadership showed the police an interdict preventing them from using unnecessary force.

A student leader speaks to students on the grounds next to the flats at Bishop Lavis.

After being pelted with rocks, police again dispersed protesters with stun grenades and teargas.

Eventually the students agreed to return to UWC. The police escorted them and there were no further confrontations.

Here is a video of the event:

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