How to get your opinion piece published on GroundUp

GroundUp gives preference to opinion pieces that are relevant to current news topics and interesting. Opinions on social justice issues are particularly welcome. Your article should be original and it should be clear to us that you actually know something about the topic you're writing about, and that you are not just armchair commentating. Try to keep your opinion piece between 600 to 1,000 words. We are less likely to publish very long articles unless they are extremely well written and engaging. Insults are not a good form of argument, so keep them to a minimum. Make sure you don't violate our Code of Decency. Write in plain English. Articles littered with waffle, hyperbole and strongly held but evidence-free opinions are unlikely to be published.

We don't care if you use British or American English or split your infinitives. If you are a second-language English speaker, please don't be afraid to submit an opinion piece to GroundUp. We don't mind grammar errors and typos, so long as the article is coherent. We'll correct grammar and typos before publishing. But do note that articles that are unintelligible because of grammar errors and typos are unlikely to be read properly by our editors and therefore unlikely to be published.

Avoid the current fashion in online journalism of substituting proper research with wordplay. We would prefer a dry opinion piece with concise intelligent arguments over one that uses wit to disguise vacuousness.

If we decide to publish an opinion piece, expect to spend a bit of time on the phone or email with one of our editors, checking your facts and discussing ways to improve the text. We only publish pieces after they have been edited and fact-checked.