Our anti-troll comment policy

As of 22 January 2015, we have decided to manage comments very strictly on GroundUp. That means we delete many comments. We will try to remove comments that are irrelevant, racist, defamatory or just plain nasty.

This is not a violation of free speech. We are entitled to --in fact we have a duty to-- strive for high quality of all material on the site, including comments. We don't always get it right, but we must try. 

If you are aggrieved that we removed your comment, you are most welcome to post it on your own website.  Many sites have simply shut down comments. But we will try to keep ours going, at least for now. Trolling does not add to the quality of debate. On the contrary it dissuades thoughtful comments; it drives quality away.

If you have something thoughtful and interesting to say, please comment. You're welcome to disagree and debate with the author of an article. All we ask is that you do it in a way that contributes to a useful discussion.

And please be civil.