This place stinks, say Duncan Village residents

“Not only does this place stink, pigs eat here as well, making the place smell even more," says Sakhumzi Kholisile of Khayelitsha informal settlement in Duncan Village, East London.

Siphesihle Matyila

News | 10 September 2015

Buffalo City janitors have to pay for their own toilet cleaning materials

Janitors employed by the Buffalo City municipality in East London to clean toilets say they are forced to pay for cleaning materials and gloves from their own salaries.

Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik

Feature | 3 September 2015

A tale of two houses

A few kilometres away from five newly built houses, 46 year old Thokozani Zondi lives in a wooden house in Nhlazatshe in Pietermaritzburg and shares a pit toilet with neighbours.

Ntombi Mbomvu

News | 31 August 2015

Poor chemistry between City and community over sanitation contract

The Khayelitsha Green Point White Hall was packed on Saturday as residents came to air their grievances at a community hearing on sanitation and housing issues in the area. The community hearing was based on the findings of a social audit conducted with support from the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) between 4 and 14 August.

Mary-Anne Gontsana

News | 25 August 2015

Campaigning for clean toilets and good cops: an interview with the SJC’s Axolile Notywala

The Social Justice Coalition (SJC) has been at the forefront of two campaigns in recent years: improved toilet provision and better policing in Cape Town's townships. GroundUp did an in-depth interview with the organisation's Axolile Notywala.

GroundUp Staff

News | 21 August 2015

GroundUp’s Masixole Feni wins photography award

Masixole Feni, GroundUp's photographer, has won the 2015 Ernest Cole award.

Text by GroundUp Staff. Photos by Masixole Feni.

News | 4 August 2015

“It’s no one’s dream to clean bucket toilets”

Thandekile Madikane tells his children that he works at the airport. He does not want his children to laugh at him for the job he does. But his job is vital. He is part of the city's operation to clean portable toilets.

Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik

News | 31 July 2015

Amputee uses a plastic bag for a toilet

Fifty-three year old Annacleta Zungu, who has only one leg, uses a plastic bag as a toilet at night because she is afraid to use the pit toilet outside her Pietermaritzburg house. Zungu, who is diabetic, lost her leg last year.

Ntombi Mbomvu

News | 22 July 2015

Dispute over jobs sparks protest in Barcelona informal settlement

A battle over jobs at Mawose Cleaning Services, contracted by the City of Cape Town to clean Barcelona informal settlement, sparked a protest which cut off a section of the N2 highway on Sunday night.

Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik

News | 20 July 2015

Joe Slovo residents queue for water

The City of Cape Town and residents of the Joe Slovo informal settlement in Langa will meet this week to discuss the installation of additional taps in the area.

Barbara Maregele

News | 24 June 2015

More poo protests looming

At 4am on Wednesday, Cape Town police used teargas and rubber bullets to prevent a group of about 50 residents from Barcelona informal settlement dumping buckets full of human waste onto the N2 highway. Residents said their buckets have not been collected or cleaned for the past four months.

Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik

News | 18 June 2015

What it is like to live in Masiphumelele

The Wetlands informal settlement of Masiphumelele is home to over 20,000 people. It is a jumble of corrugated iron shacks and electrical wires. The smell of sewage and rubbish fills the air. Among the many problems its residents face are a lack of toilets and taps for water.

Thembela Ntongana

News | 11 June 2015

Coping with chronic epilepsy while living in a shack: one family’s story

Siphokazi Rululu (14) and her father, Ayanda Qhara, both suffer from chronic epilepsy. Her mother leaves for work in a restaurant chain kitchen at 6am and returns at 7pm four-days a week. Siphokazi’s sister, who is seven years old, must sometimes care for her family during these times.

Pharie Sefali

News | 9 June 2015

City chooses not to invest in informal settlements

The City of Cape Town says infrastructure for water and sanitation cannot be installed in 82% of informal settlements because the land is not suitable. Yet the City’s own data tells a different story, writes Dustin Kramer.

Dustin Kramer

Opinion | 28 May 2015

“Not enough money allocated to sanitation,” say SJC protesters

Yesterday, about 150 members of the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) marched to the civic centre. They demanded “a detailed account” of hundreds of submissions to the City of Cape Town on the 2015/16 budget.

Bernard Chiguvare

Brief | 28 May 2015

Lukewarm response to new toilets in Khayelitsha

Minister of Water Affairs and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane announced in Khayelitsha on Friday the launch of pilot projects of new mobile toilets. But residents’ reactions were somewhat sceptical.

Nombulelo Damba

News | 25 May 2015