Primedia beats PRASA in decade-long court case

“Improper conduct” from company owned by Roy Moodley’s son


Law | 30 March 2021

Three more ousted PRASA execs to return to work in April

Court tells the rail agency to pay legal costs


Brief | 19 March 2021

Three PRASA executives were sacked for poor performance. Now the rail agency is bringing them back

But PRASA is appealing the Labour Court’s order to reinstate three executives


News | 11 March 2021

PRASA blunders then blames the media

And the trains are nowhere closer to running on time


GroundView | 9 March 2021

PRASA’s new boss too old to take up the role

The rail agency’s policy dictates that employees should retire at 63. Zolani Matthews is 64


News | 5 March 2021

Three more PRASA executives reinstated by Labour Court

Martha Ngoye and her colleagues win court battle


Brief | 2 March 2021

Labour Court orders PRASA to reinstate fired exec

Rail agency’s actions “shockingly malicious and inhumane” says judge


News | 25 February 2021

Commuters wary of trains as service resumes

The Central Line started operating on Tuesday again but only between Cape Town and Langa


News | 18 February 2021

Still no maintenance on PRASA trains

Rail agency extends maintenance tender - again


Brief | 15 February 2021

R45-million victory for PRASA

In a decision that vindicates Martha Ngoye, an arbitrator has ordered SA Fence and Gate to pay back the money


News | 12 February 2021

Sacked executives take PRASA to court

Board lacked authority to fire them, argues Martha Ngoye in her Labour Court application


News | 8 February 2021

PRASA chair Leonard Ramatlakane gets the facts wrong

He has relied on a dodgy document to try to link a corruption fighter to the infamous oversized locomotives deal


News | 5 February 2021

The questions PRASA failed to answer

South Africa’s commuter rail service has been looted. There is no sign it will stop


GroundView | 3 February 2021

Executive who saved PRASA billions has been fired

Dismissal of three executives on spurious grounds is a setback against the fight against corruption


Analysis | 2 February 2021

The weeds are growing waist-high on Eastern Cape train stations

Toilets, basins, light bulbs, doors have been stolen


Brief | 20 January 2021

PRASA has R23 billion in unspent capital

But passenger rail agency is turning the corner, minister tells Parliament


News | 25 November 2020