Prasa / Metrorail

Traders are selling goods on the railway tracks in Mamelodi

PRASA vowed to clean up its train stations in Pretoria but very little has been done to improve the service


News | 18 February 2022

PRASA dropped by lawyers as billion-rand corruption deal appeal looms

Siyangena has appealed against the court judgment setting aside its contracts


News | 9 February 2022

Mitchells Plain train stations are in ruins

But Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula says the Central Line will be running again by July 2022

Text and Photos by Ashraf Hendricks

Photo Essay | 2 February 2022

There are signs of hope amid Metrorail’s decay

On a trip arranged for journalists I saw that Philippi station has been ransacked - but the new trains are fantastic


News | 28 January 2022

Simon’s Town train service is back, but commuters are worried about their safety

Passengers crowd together to fend off robbers


Feature | 13 January 2022

Court grants PRASA another eight months to relocate Cape Town Central Line shack dwellers

Eerste River residents opposing relocation near their community partly to blame for delay says PRASA


News | 26 November 2021

PRASA CEO Zolani - aka Kgosie - Matthews: an embarrassing appointment

He has been suspended because of information that should have been known to the board before he was appointed


Analysis | 23 November 2021

Race against the clock to meet court deadline to move railway families

Court ruled that families living along the railway line in Langa must be shown new site four weeks before being moved


News | 18 November 2021

PRASA blames Covid-19 and vandalism for collapsing East London train service

Some stations GroundUp visited were derelict

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News | 7 September 2021

Families living along Cape Town railway line to be resettled

Court rules that the land occupiers must get basic services on new land


News | 6 August 2021

Commuters have deserted Metrorail

Another year at best before Cape Town Central line resumes service to Khayelitsha

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News | 21 June 2021

There’s not much left of Netreg train station in Cape Town

Neglect and vandalism have destroyed the station since the train service on the Central Line was suspended in 2018


News | 18 May 2021

PRASA loses application for leave to appeal reinstating executives

Judge finds grounds for appeal of Ngoye judgment “grossly misconceived”


Brief | 13 May 2021

Primedia beats PRASA in decade-long court case

“Improper conduct” from company owned by Roy Moodley’s son


Law | 30 March 2021

Three more ousted PRASA execs to return to work in April

Court tells the rail agency to pay legal costs


Brief | 19 March 2021

Three PRASA executives were sacked for poor performance. Now the rail agency is bringing them back

But PRASA is appealing the Labour Court’s order to reinstate three executives


News | 11 March 2021