Disability Rights

Rare facility for kids with special needs

Parents and caregivers have been running their own facility in East London for ten years


News | 2 November 2016

Stabbed on his way to the toilet, Khayelitsha man is now in a wheelchair

Sinethemba Mfaca spends his days trapped in his one-roomed shack


News | 1 November 2016

Wheelchair dependent man’s house fixed at last

"I can use the toilet without any help"


Brief | 28 October 2016

Paralysed teenager bitten by rats while sleeping

14-year-old Palesa Kwayiba, who uses a wheelchair, puts a brave face on the daily struggle of living in an informal settlement


News | 26 October 2016

Public transport is a nightmare for the disabled

“People treat us as if we chose to be in these wheelchairs”


News | 14 October 2016

Centre for disabled children closes

Attempts to get more support from Eastern Cape government were fruitless


News | 7 October 2016

Disabled man fetches water with a bucket tied to his crutches

Pietermaritzburg resident has little hope elections will change his plight


News | 23 August 2016

Education that caters for disabled learners is attainable

But government needs to show more political will to implement its policies

By and

Opinion | 16 August 2016

21-year-old in wheelchair just wants to go to school

Montoedi Nyangweni fell down a cliff fetching water from a river


News | 19 July 2016

Disabled and out of school

Over 58,000 children with disabilities may be out of school in the Western Cape


Feature | 13 June 2016

Disabled woman lives in a cardboard shack on a filthy hill

Poverty haunts Centerton, on the edge of the citrus town of Hankey


News | 7 June 2016

Help for disabled children of immigrants

Passop revives support group


Brief | 3 June 2016

Hope for mother of disabled teen

Nomahlubi Mbulu’s plight touches GroundUp and News24 readers


News | 25 May 2016

“I can’t even use the toilet in my own house”

Disabled man feels imprisoned in his unfinished RDP house


News | 16 May 2016

How you can help mother of disabled children

Donate into her new bank account or drop off clothes at GroundUp


News | 11 May 2016

Mother says she has no choice but to give up her daughter

After struggling for 13 years with two severely disabled children, she can no longer cope


News | 5 May 2016