Constitutional Court ends shady practice by creditors

From now on judges must approve deductions against salaries by creditors


Law | 20 September 2016

Who inherits your partner’s estate if you’re not married?

Constitutional Court will soon give us an answer


Law | 23 August 2016

Constitutional Court scathing about arrest and detention of child

"Even when they are in conflict with the law, we should not permit the hand of the law to fall hard on them like a sledgehammer lest we destroy them."


Law | 18 August 2016

R4,000 taken from 89-year-old’s pension for a loan he never took out

Black Sash takes on Net1 in social grant deductions court battle


News | 15 August 2016

East Londoners protest in support of rape survivors

New support programme for university students planned


News | 12 August 2016

When can the police search your home?

The Constitutional Court has given us the answer


Law | 12 August 2016

Court battle over Cape Town asylum seekers

Scalabrini Centre wants Home Affairs Cape Town office to accept new applications by asylum seekers


News | 10 June 2016

Minister wins battle with Lion

Insurance company backs down in battle over deductions from social grants


News | 26 May 2016

Robertson abattoir workers hope to head back to Labour Court

Labour Appeal Court to hand down decision within weeks


News | 24 May 2016

Understanding the silicosis judgment

Hundreds of thousands of families could benefit from the class action lawsuit that can now take place


Analysis | 16 May 2016

Court settlement reached in Tafelberg case

But dispute over future of Sea Point property 'is by no means concluded'


News | 5 May 2016

Hearing of contempt of court charge against Home Affairs postponed

Department accused of wasting money


News | 28 April 2016

City loses bid to evict Newcastle residents

Court rules in favour of community


Brief | 10 March 2016

New delay in sex worker murder trial

Trial of artist Mthethwa postponed again


News | 3 February 2016