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Home Affairs told me that asylum seekers cannot apply for permanent residence. Doesn't this contradict a Constitutional Court ruling?

Asylum seekers (i.e. people who do not hold refugee status) may apply for a residence permit.

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Home Affairs declared my husband an undesirable person for five years because he overstayed his visit. Can this be overturned?

Your husband can appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs.

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My Zimbabwean special permit was rejected on a technicality. I have appealed but it is taking a very long time. How can I speed up the process?

Unfortunately the short answer is that there does not seem to be a way to compel Home Affairs to resolve matters urgently.

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I am an asylum seeker. Can I apply for permanent residence?

The Constitutional Court ruled in October 2018 that a blanket ban on asylum seekers applying for temporary or permanent residence visas was not justified.

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How do I renew my asylum papers?

There is no short answer to this question

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