Mosaic apprenticeship programme at Spier Arts Academy

The Spier Arts Academy offers a three year, full-time apprenticeship focusing on mosaic art and includes tuition in drawing, art history and business skills - enabling apprentices to jumpstart their creative careers and run their own successful enterprises.

Rachel Kelly

Brief | 20 August 2013

Man implicated in death of Khayelitsha youth activist found dead

A man was found dead on Thursday last week at Lwazi Street in Khayelitsha site B. He was later identified by the police as 22-year-old Wonke “Oscar” Mchasa.

Nwabisa Pondoyi

Brief | 14 August 2013

Celebrating Women’s month through music and poetry

On Sunday 11 August, young people from different parts of Cape Town gathered together at Ragazzi Bar in Loop Street to celebrate women’s month.

Pharie Sefali

Brief | 14 August 2013

Disability not a barrier to Talking Souls visual artists

Free tickets to watch an intriguing international collaborative production.

Pharie Sefali

Brief | 7 August 2013

Riot breaks out at Matthew Goniwe High School in Khayelitsha

A riot broke out at Matthew Goniwe High School in Site B, Khayelitsha from about 1pm to 2pm this afternoon.

Pharie Sefali

Brief | 31 July 2013

Free and Fair elections

Five years after violence marred the last elections, Zimbabweans are to take to the polls on the 31 July. The question is: will it be a free and fair election?

Nwabisa Pondoyi

Brief | 31 July 2013

Sex workers versus organisations against human trafficking

Sex workers have been fighting to enjoy their right to dignity. For this to happen, they say, sex work has to be decriminalised. On the other hand, organisations opposed to human trafficking are also opposed to sex work. We spoke to representatives of both sides.

Nwabisa Pondoyi

Brief | 10 July 2013

From Somali “Blast Furnace” to South African “Frying Pan”

Somalis marched to Parliament on 7 June in response to xenophobic violence against Somali refugees. About 500 people participated.

Tariro Washinyira

Brief | 12 June 2013

Criminal record for possession of dagga?

Gamat Abrahams of Athlone was one of seven men in their 20s arrested for possession of dagga on Friday night. They were sitting on the paving outside their homes when the police raided.

Margo Fortune

Brief | 27 March 2013

Funeral for victims of De Doorns bus accident

A memorial service was held in Khayelitsha stadium on 21 March for the victims of the Hex River bus accident on 15 March 2013.

Nokubonga Yawa

Brief | 27 March 2013

Equal Education to hold public meeting on minimum norms and standards for schools

For the past three years, education activist organisation, Equal Education, has been campaigning for the adoption of a policy called the Minimum Norms and Standards for School Infrastructure.

Nokubonga Yawa

Brief | 20 March 2013

Activists demand direct elections of Members of Parliament

Should citizens be able to choose their MPs? This is the question that was posed by the "My vote counts" campaign yesterday evening at the Central Methodist Church in Greenmarket Square.

Nokubonga Yawa

Brief | 27 February 2013

Crossroads residents burn tyres in housing protest

BREAKING NEWS: This morning, residents of Crossroads protested and burned tyres in protest against a housing project.

GroundUp Staff

Brief | 23 January 2013

Pensioners queue from early hours

Getting a social grant is not for slackers. You have to be up early in the morning.

Margo Fortune

Brief | 16 January 2013

Khayelitsha police hold event for rape survivors

The Khayelitsha police stations held an event on 13 December to give Christmas presents to Soyisiso Nofemele's rape victims. He is currently serving eleven life sentences for raping twelve children, murdering one of them and abducting another. The victims are between two and nine years of age.

Mihle Pike

Brief | 19 December 2012

SJC hold commission outside Cape High Court in protest against minister’s court application

About 500 people gathered outside the Cape High Court last week Thursday opposing Minister of Police Nathi Mthetwa’s application to stop a Commission of Inquiry into policing in Khayelitsha from continuing.

Mary-Jane Matsolo

Brief | 19 December 2012