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Covid-19: Here’s what occupations in Cape Town are doing in response to the pandemic

Woodstock Hospital is well prepared, but occupiers at Central Methodist Church and Helen Bowden Nurses Home are at great risk


News | 19 March 2020

Covid-19: Why “test, test, test” is easier said than done

Both money and logistics are barriers to scaling up the number of tests for the novel coronavirus

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Science | 17 March 2020

Covid-19: Washing hands is not easy when you have no running water

“It’s easy to keep your hands clean when you stay in a house because you have a tap inside, but it’s difficult when you have to walk long, tiring distances to fetch water”

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News | 12 March 2020

15% of SA’s wealth is in the hands of just 3,500 people, study finds

New estimates confirm extreme inequality


News | 10 March 2020

PRASA ordered to pay security companies plus punitive costs

#UniteBehind intervention application postponed until 26 March


Brief | 6 March 2020

Cape Town Central Line will return to service in September, says PRASA Administrator

Rail agency plans 80-bus fleet to provide alternative transport


News | 5 March 2020

Refugees arrested during clashes in Cape Town

“We are dying in this country” says Somali man

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News | 2 March 2020

Ramaphosa should declare passenger rail a national disaster

Six actions that would help fix our rail system

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Opinion | 19 February 2020

PRASA attempts to hire Eskom’s security

Investigators have already found irregularities involving some of the companies


Analysis | 27 November 2019

Mkhwebane’s report on PRASA is flawed

Public Protector has submitted unfinished homework


Analysis | 11 September 2019

EFF’s sinister sudden interest in PRASA

Party questions corruption investigation instead of corruption itself


Analysis | 14 August 2019