Articles for Chris Gilili

Toilets unserviced for five years in East London

Residents say 200 people use two working toilets and one communal tap


Brief | 22 October 2018

Day care centre rebuilt after fire – for the fifth time

“I just need the municipality to assist me rebuild,” says principal


News | 19 October 2018

Village school has three teachers and three pit toilets for 116 learners

“It’s really tough but we battle along”


Brief | 17 October 2018

Villagers battle princess over land

Ward councillor condemns actions of Princess Nomaxhosa Jongilanga after shacks demolished


News | 15 October 2018

Street vendors accuse Buffalo City of empty promises

“There is no support offered to us, although formal businesses get so much attention from the metro.”


Brief | 4 October 2018

Overflowing sewage, no electricity, one tap and two toilets for over 300 residents

Residents of Duncan Village blame councillor


News | 3 October 2018

Shortage of maths teachers in the Eastern Cape

The province has been the lowest achiever in the matric pass rate for years


Brief | 27 September 2018

When government is a slumlord: Pefferville’s ghastly blocks of flats

“When it’s time to vote they will come here in numbers, yet we do not get any services from them”


News | 19 September 2018

Young women must come out and shame their abusers, say activists

March against violence in Duncan Village


Brief | 12 September 2018

Hitchhikers targeted by East London taxi drivers

Hitchhiking is killing our business, say taxi operators


News | 6 September 2018

No money for C-section in East London

Two toilets for 200 people in Duncan Village, and the municipality “doesn’t have any funds” to fix or instal more


Brief | 30 August 2018

Another rape reported at Fort Hare

University promises to “beef up” security and review policy on sexual harassment


Brief | 21 August 2018

East London residents demand illegal electricity connections be restored

Harry Gwala shack dwellers have been waiting for ten years to be formally electrified


News | 13 August 2018

Academic studies resume at Fort Hare university after eight week strike

SRC “looks forward to a smooth academic year”


Brief | 13 August 2018

Fire leaves scores homeless in East London

Victims of the fire were waiting to be moved to formal housing


Brief | 9 August 2018

87-year-old man walks three kilometres to fetch water

Smiling Valley has waited for basic services since 1992


News | 6 August 2018