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The “fastest growing sport in the country”

An in-depth look at the changing face of traditional horse racing in the Eastern Cape

Text by Christopher Clark. Photos by Masixole Feni.

Feature | 31 October 2016

In photos: Diverse Cape Town celebrates Heritage Day

March through District Six to have it declared heritage site


Photo Essay | 26 September 2016

Streets of Mfuleni flooded

Much needed rain comes to Cape Town, but it's a mixed blessing for residents of informal settlements


Photo Essay | 17 September 2016

Check out Cape Town’s hip street style

People from all walks of life express themselves through fashion

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Photo Essay | 18 August 2016

Man found dead in Mfuleni after gunshots heard

Suspected mob justice killing


Brief | 17 August 2016

Boom and bust times for paraffin dealers

Shortages mean paraffin selling is a good business, but only when you can get supplies


Photo Essay | 15 July 2016

Living on the streets of central Cape Town

Treat us with respect, say homeless people

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Photo Essay | 24 June 2016

Bogged down in Never Never land

Winter rains make life hard for Philippi shackdwellers

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Photo Essay | 21 June 2016

Kidnap rumours nearly result in mob violence

A woman narrowly escaped crowd hysteria last night in Mfuleni


News | 15 June 2016

Mfuleniโ€™s homemade gym

Aleas Stokwe used his personal savings to start a gym in his home for his neighbourhood

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Photo Essay | 2 June 2016

This simple task is a nightmare if you live in a shack

Just washing your clothes is slow, difficult and dangerous

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Photo Essay | 23 May 2016

Sewage leaks from Langa’s apartment blocks

Hundreds of people are living in abject conditions in City-maintained flats

Text by Naib Mian. Photos by Masixole Feni.

News | 26 April 2016

Quest for water in an Eastern Cape village

In March I visited a village in Pondoland in the Eastern Cape for two weeks as part of GroundUp's investigation into the province's dagga trade.


Photo Essay | 22 April 2016

Battle to stop dagga spraying

Activists take steps to prevent Saps helicopters destroying marijuana crops

Text by Kimon de Greef. Photos by Masixole Feni.

Feature | 20 April 2016

Cash crops poisoned in Pondoland

Police helicopters spray marijuana plantations every year

Text by Kimon de Greef. Photos by Masixole Feni.

Feature | 7 April 2016

New technology might transform small-scale fishing

App connects fishers, scientists and fishery management

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Feature | 24 February 2016