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“It’s almost like they want you to give up”: desperate applicants queue at SASSA Eersteriver

Even those who slept at the offices are not sure to be served


Brief | 16 February 2024

A day in the life of a Cape Town waste collector

Avuyile Masekwane’s job is difficult but she will be sorry when her contract ends


Brief | 14 February 2023

Where are children playing this December?

A photo essay and reflection

Text and Photos by Masixole Feni

Photo Essay | 22 December 2022

A year in a settlement created by Covid

Izwelethu informal settlement or Covid as it is nicknamed started with lockdown in March 2020


Photo Essay | 29 March 2021

Cape Town residents clean up after first rains

Some Mfuleni residents spent Wednesday morning clearing their waterlogged homes


Photo Essay | 11 March 2021

Cape Town residents battle spring floods

Deluge of rain over weekend leaves shacks and roads waterlogged

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Brief | 28 October 2019

South Africans come out in support of #ClimateStrike

“You’ll die of old age. I’ll die of climate change”

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News | 20 September 2019

Shelter supports City’s approach to homeless people

“Exemptions from the bylaw for homeless people will increase impunity and lead to worse social conditions on the street” says CEO of Haven Night Shelter

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News | 15 July 2019

No water, no toilets, no electricity in Qandu-qandu

Thousands in Khayelitsha informal settlement hope and wait for basic services

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Photo Essay | 1 July 2019

Community clean up turns waste into arts and crafts

Clean My Space initiative in Khayelitsha has ballooned to 180 members

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Photo Essay | 7 June 2019

“I am left with this blanket and winter is coming”

Strand land occupiers who are staying in community halls say they have nowhere to go

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Photo Essay | 14 May 2019

Cape Town’s roadside chicken sellers

“What I love about this business is that it is outside. I’m not enclosed in a building.”


Photo Essay | 18 April 2019

Cape Town’s iconic murals

The city has beautiful public art depicting the life and ideals of its residents

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Photo Essay | 14 March 2019

Waiting and hoping the whole day for work

“Sometimes in a week I get maybe one job. If I am lucky I get two jobs and I make R150 per job.”


Photo Essay | 26 February 2019

Mfuleni schools shut down as unplaced learners protest

Education department says enrolments in Western Cape have increased by more than 18,000

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News | 4 February 2019