Singing for circumcision

Khuzani Mpungose launches new song for HIV prevention

Photo of Khuzani Mpungose

Maskandi artist, Khuzani Mpungose, performing a song promoting medical male circumcision. Photo: Nomfundo Xolo

By Nomfundo Xolo

12 December 2017

Well-known Maskandi musician Khuzani Mpungose has released a new song, Soka Ndoda (get circumcised) promoting medical male circumcision to his fans. The launch was held at the KwaMuhle Museum in Durban on Monday.

Mpungose is part of the health campaign, Soka which focuses on encouraging males to get medically circumcised in KwaZulu-Natal, working in partnership with the Department of Health to achieve this.

In his song, the Maskandi king and Soka Ambassador urges young men to join the campaign to help “save their lives.”

Large clinical trials in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda have shown that medical male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexual men contracting HIV by about 60%.

Soka Ndoda has been released to all major radio stations including Ukhozi FM and other local stations. Social and health activists as well as Prince Nhlanganiso Zulu support the initiative.

Radio presenter at Vuma Fm, Phumlani Nkwanyana also highlighted the importance of spreading the medical male circumcision message:

Men “who value their lives needs to get circumcised. It guards and protects both men and women. It’s important for people to keep hearing about it, until they make the right decision. It’s every man’s responsibility because HIV, common STIs, and penile cancer are rife but are easily prevented. Even cervical cancer for women rates can be reduced through [medical male] circumcision,” said Nkwanyana.

Mpungose said that health campaigns that help spread awareness to youth need to be spearheaded by artists: “Artists need to show they care about their followers, we need to give them entertainment that they can dance to and also learn from the message being relayed as well. Whatever art you are involved in needs to also include promotion of healthy living.”

He also said that the message in his Soka Ndoda lyrics will encourage his fans and celebrate those who have heard his call to action: “During performances I know people will dance along to the song, but most importantly they will hear the message.”