Metrorail commuters throw stones at each other

Fight between stranded passengers and commuters clinging to crowded trains

Photo of crowded train

Commuters rush to board an overcrowded train at Nyanga Junction on Wednesday. Photo: Bernard Chiguvare

By Bernard Chiguvare

15 November 2017

Commuters clinging to the roof of Metrorail coaches and commuters on the platform at Nyanga Junction threw stones at each other on Wednesday as the overcrowded coaches left the platform.

About 100 Metrorail commuters were left stranded as the trains left without them.

At 7am trains had been delayed by more than an hour and some Metrorail staff were advising commuters not to buy tickets.

Some commuters gave up waiting and left the station to find taxis to their destinations.

At 7:28am a train to Cape Town arrived. It was full to the roof.

Commuters who did not manage to squeeze in started taking videos and photos of the overcrowded train. Suddenly commuters on the roof started throwing stones at those on the platform, who retaliated with bricks.

Some learners could be seen moving up and down. Close to 100 commuters could not get into the train.

At 7:45am a train stopped for 30mins, 600 metres away from Nyanga Junction. It arrived at the station 30 minutes later.

Some commuters jumped in but several learners could not find room to squeeze into the coaches. Only when a train from Mitchells Plain arrived, several minutes later, could everyone find room.

Overloaded train at Nyanga station. Video: Bernard Chiguvare