In photos: Hangberg erupts over fishing rights

Rubber bullets, petrol bombs, flares and tear gas fill the air as protest escalates

Photograph of protesters throwing a petrol bomb at riot police.

Protesters throw petrol bombs at riot police.

By Ashraf Hendricks

13 September 2017

On Tuesday Hangberg was the scene of a violent confrontation between residents and police after residents protested over fishing quotas. A 14 year old boy was shot in the mouth by public order police. As the day progressed, things continued to escalate.

Protesters taunt police after blocking Atlantic Skipper Street.

A protester is almost burnt as a burning tyre is moved to barricade the street.

A community leader (centre) and other residents talk about why they are protesting.
Police prepare to enter protest.
After protesters threw rocks, police forced their way into the area and fired rubber bullets.
Running battles took place in the road.
A police vehicle is burnt by a petrol bomb.
A resident takes cover behind a vehicle.
Tear gas was fired into the residents’ homes.
Clouds of tear gas filled the streets.
Hangberg residents watching the police gather from afar.
A burnt tyre is rolled down the road towards the police.
Two fishing boats were set alight. One of the boats was saved by the police water canon.
A Hangberg resident lies on the ground. Police asked him to leave numerous times but he refused.
As the sun set it became harder to see rocks being thrown by protesters. Police continuously kept a close watch firing large amounts of rubber bullets at protesters.
In response, protesters used flares.