Boxing tournament brings much needed recreation to Mfuleni

“We want youth to be active and their parents to see them doing something positive”

Photo of a boy boxing with his coach.

Luthando Mogqola practicises with coach Siyabonga Liphungwane before the start of the tournament.

By Masixole Feni

23 February 2016

There isn’t much for kids in Mfuleni to do. There is one sports field, where children play soccer after school and on weekends. There are also some play parks for younger children. But that’s about it.

Boxing is a sport that is inexpensive to participate in and doesn’t require large fields.

Siyabonga Liphungwane and Anathi Poiyi.

On Saturday 13 February about 600 children between the ages of 12 and 16 gathered at the Mfuleni Goal shopping centre which hosted the Mfuleni Boxing Club for the day.

The event came about after a coach suggested hosting matches for the community to watch, and to attract youth to take part. Boxing clubs that attended included Kuyasa and African Youth.

A large audience watched appreciatively.

“We want youth to be active and their parents to see them doing something positive,” said Sipho Sitwaye, coach at the Barale Boxing Club.

Only two girls participated in the event. Here Sibulele Sobooyes, a South African champion, and Anita Ponie take each other on. Both of them are 14 years old.
The violence of boxing: Siyabonga Liphungwane nurses a bloody nose …
… but he also managed to knock his opponent down.