Terry Bell.The cost of death for the living

We, as a nation, are deeply in debt. And that is very worrying, with declining disposable incomes the rising costs of living and with another festive season fast approaching. Government admits that many households are drowning in debt”. So the plea is for citizens to save more and to retain pensions rather than cash in existing provisions.

Oct 5, 2015
Terry Bell
Photo by Barbara Maregele.Stop hiding behind sub judice

"I can't comment - the matter is sub judice." This is the refrain beloved of senior politicians from Cyril Ramaphosa to Nathi Nhleko to Thandi Modise to Baleka Mbete to President Zuma himself when faced with a difficult question.

Oct 2, 2015
Leo Boonzaier
Soccer legend Eric Cantona. Photo by Wikipedia user Georges Biard (CC BY-SA 3.0)."Application dismissed" - a reflection on My Vote Counts, and losing

To hear those two words from a majority of the Constitutional Court after another wave of tireless campaigning on one of the oldest and most fundamental issues we face as a country was brutal.

Oct 1, 2015
Gregory Solik
Entrance to the Constitutional Court. Photo by Wikipedia user André-Pierre (CC-BY-2.0). Understanding the Constitutional Court judgments on political party funding

In the wake of the Hitachi/Chancellor House investigation in the US and Hitachi Corporation’s agreement to pay a huge amount to settle the corruption allegations made against it, the Constitutional Court’s judgments in My Vote Counts NPC v Speaker of the National Assembly and Others, handed down on Wednesday, could hardly be more pertinent.

Oct 1, 2015
Shanelle van der Berg
Students protest against working conditions for outsourced workers at UCT. Photo by Ben Stanwix.Rhodes Must Fall replaces Piketty at UCT

Thomas Piketty, French economist and author of the bestselling Capital in the 21st Century, was due to arrive and deliver a lecture on inequality at UCT on Wednesday afternoon. He was prevented from flying (apparently for not having enough blank pages in his passport) and it was arranged that he would deliver the lecture virtually, via a live stream.

Sep 30, 2015
Ben Stanwix
Children in an Eastern Cape school. Photo courtesy of Equal Education.Why have annual national assessments?

This year’s Annual National Assessments (ANA), which are administered in literacy and numeracy to all learners in grades 1-6 and 9, have been postponed till December following opposition to their administration from teacher unions. How should we understand the value of these assessments, the reasons for the opposition from unions and how the assessments can be improved for the future?

Sep 30, 2015
Stephen Taylor
Terry Bell.Getting the facts right on assessments

To test or not to test? That is not the question although it is the way the current row about basic education has largely been presented.

Sep 29, 2015
Terry Bell
Martin Shkreli. Photo from Twitter.The banal evil of drug pricing

Martin Shkreli was the most hated man on the internet for a brief time this week. His company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, pushed up the price of a medicine, pyrimethamine, used to treat a life-threatening disease from $13.50 (approx R185) to $750 (approx R10,250) a pill.

Sep 23, 2015
Nathan Geffen
Eastern Cape school. Photo courtesy of Equal Education.Corruption in schools: stealing our children's future

On 30 September 2015, thousands will march in Pretoria and Cape Town under the banner of Unite Against Corruption. This is a call across our country to reject maladministration and theft in the public and private sectors.

Sep 22, 2015
Amanda Rinquest
Source: robots work for us

If the rise of robots — the spread of automation — is killing jobs and threatening the world with disaster, how can this be seen as potentially beneficial? It’s a question that is frequently asked and seldom answered.

Sep 21, 2015
Terry Bell